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species entirely Australian in range.     The enormous ears (whence

FIG. 85.—Bones of maims.
Jk, of Choeropus cas-
tanotis* x 2. B, of
Bandicoot (Peramsles).
x 1£. c, Cuneiform ;
Z, lunar ; m, magnum ;
Jf, radius; s, scaphoid;
td, trapezoid ; tm,
trapezium ; u, unci-
form ; V, ulna ; /- V,
digits. (From Flower's

" Rabbit"   Bandicoot)   distinguish   this   genus   from.    Perameles.

FIG. 86.—Babbit Bandicoot.    Derogate lagotis.     x -$>
The pouch opens backwards, and there are eight mammae.     P.
letgotis,  the onlj species about whose ways of life  anything is